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The Seven Menopausal Dwarfs

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi-ho, hi-ho off to menopause I go! Well, the seven dwarfs have moved in.  I've got to tell you there's not enough room at my house for me, my hubby, daughter, grandson, a dog and a cat.

Unfortunately, my little visitors are here to stay a while.

Forgetful and Sleepy have become a tag team. When I least expect it they maneuver me into a choke hold. Bam! I'm down for the count.   I fill my days now with.... what was I going to say, oh yeah ; plenty of naps. You would think I was two again! Some days I wish I were, that way my little visitors would only be a fairy tale.

Now the ones I really have to keep my eye on are the IBS team. No, not irritable bowel syndrome but Itchy, Bloaty and Sweaty.
Those three have no mercy. They don't care if I itch in unmentionable places I can't scratch, if I look like I'm nine months pregnant or if I drown in a pool of sweat. They're on a mission to make my life uncomfortable. Can't wait 'till they move out!

My other two visitors I tend to call BS (Bitchy and Psycho)strike without warning. My family wishes they would leave. Ain't going to happen. I go from mild mannered mom to maniac. At least that's what my family thinks. BS in my house means stay out of my way if you want to live.

I'm not too fond of my  little visitors. I think I'll go kick them to the curb. Goodbye Forgetful, Sleepy, Itchy, Bloaty, Sweaty, Bitchy and Psycho... go live with someone else.


  1. shelly said...:

    I like it when I splash myself awake from the pool that's collects right below my imaginary Adam's Apple.

  1. Nikki said...:

    Too funny! Very entertaining post.

  1. Love it. When you figure out how to kick them to curb fill in the rest of us!

  1. Forgetful looks strangely familiar!

  1. Thanks Shelly and Lauren. William, LOL

  1. Beverly said...:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  1. Melanie said...:

    Do dwarfs have twins? Cause these guys have been hanging around my house too. Grr.
    Enjoyed the post-- we are never alone as long as we have each other and our little dwarvy pals, lol.

  1. Diane said...:

    I have a coworker who is getting visited by the same dwarfs!

  1. Oh no! Sounds awful! Although taking it in with humor always helps... the dwarf cartoon is quite funny!!

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