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Fifty Ain't so Nifty

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's so nifty about being fifty? I turned fifty on December 27th of last year. Did I get extra presents? No, but I did get a birthday card from AARP! Hey, I'm not a senior citizen yet or am I?

I have to admit there are days when I feel a hundred instead of fifty. Maybe I need all the discounts I can get? I could use a few nips and tucks here and there, alright everywhere. My boobs sag, my butt too. My arms are flabby and so is my belly... I'm living proof that fifty is nowhere near nifty!


  1. Laury said...:

    You make turning 50 a road I don't want to go down:) Oh, but I have 3 years to get used to it. You pave the way, dear, ok?

  1. All that at fifty? Are you kidding... I'm 41 and it's already starting! lol! Happy to have found you from the Blog Entourage!

    Anna, The Pilot's Wife

  1. Arlee Bird said...:

    Crazy enough I received an offer from AARP for a lifetime membership for $12. For many years I received the Modern Maturity magazine and had a membership card that gave me discount benefits. Then when I turned 55 they sent me a bill saying that I now had to pay $12 per year to keep my membership. I guess my lifetime was too long. I didn't pay the bill, but they still send me the "magazine" which now is not as good as it used to be.
    But 50 and beyond doesn't seem to be that bad, just different physically, but mentally I feel about the same.

    Tossing It Out

  1. Hello from Bloggy Moms! Too Cute!


  1. M Pax said...:

    That gravity is something. :)

  1. Kittie Howard said...:

    Really cute! Gravity is a weapon of mass destruction!!

  1. Ha ha that made me smile, thanks for joining in!

  1. Bridget said...:

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm returning the follow luv!
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  1. Sleppery said...:

    New follower from MBC :)

  1. Keri said...:

    Ohhh, just hang in there and hold on. Just remember, you have to live to get old. That's one saving grace, and sadly, the only one I can think of, lol.

    I'm following you now, thanks a million, love your blog. Keri

  1. Emy said...:

    I didn't know if it was ok to be amused by your post. I'm still a long ways from turning 50, but I already think about it. But, I agree with Keri...if you're not getting older then there lays a problem.

    Returning the blog love :-0

  1. keri said...:

    Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much for coming and commenting and following. It's great to have a new blog pal, awesome.

    have a great evening. Keri

  1. Deanna said...:

    Great blog... I started the changes and I didnt like it at all.. Now I think I am ok.. But its great reading your story.

  1. mombo880 said...:

    Hahaha, I have to agree with The Pilot's Wife...some of this is happening with me and I'm still 39! I'm following you know so I can "share" your journey into not so nifty fifty!

  1. 50 ain't so bad!!! It's better than the alternative ;-) The funny thing is mentally I'm so not 50 ~ looking in the mirror is always a shock!

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