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Seven Facts Award

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Today I was tagged with Seven Facts Award by Sunny. So now I must tell you seven unknown facts about me and tag 15 of my blogger friends.
Here are the rules:
 Here are the things you need to know when accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.

2. Post seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass on the award along to 15 other worthy bloggers.

Here are my seven little know facts:

#7. My 2nd husband I and lived together 13 years before we got married.

#6. I love Big Band music.

#5. I'm a genealogy nut.

#4. I'm left handed.

#3. I've always wanted to be a cowgirl.

#2. I love salt water taffy from the Oregon Coast.

#1. I was adopted when I was 4 months old.

Now I am tagging the following blogger friends:


  1. MelissaAggie98 said...:

    Very cool facts! Thanks so much for tagging me too! I am saving this now and will be thinking long and hard about what to post about myself. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  1. MANDY said...:

    Thanks for the award and the follow back!

  1. melody-mae said...:

    you are so sweet to tagme. I love learning the 7 things about you. I too am a leftie! thanks again

  1. Sherri said...:

    Congrats on the award:) Stopping by via the weekend wander...hope you have a chance to pop over & visit my lil blog! Happy weekend:)

  1. Thanks for the tag. Fun.

  1. Lynette said...:

    thank so much.....did it today too

  1. Deborah Ann said...:

    What a fun way to get to know a person!

  1. Melissa said...:

    Thank you so much for this award! Passing it on! :-)


  1. Thanks so much for participating in my Sunday blog hop and for posting my button.. Following this blog too. You have lots of blogs lol

  1. Tess said...:

    I'm your newest follower from MBC-please follow back :)

  1. Thank you for this. I feel so bad, I didnt get here sooner. BTW, I live in Portland OR and I see you love Oregon Coast Taffy. We are going to the beach for Spring Break. I am so going to have to send you some! Email me your address and I will pop some in the mail!

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