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I'm Cleaning Out My Closet

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Today I am participating in a new series I found on FTLOB
Cleaning out the Closet is a time for you to vent, to release any tension you may have been feeling. It can be about anything. Your posts can also be about something exciting that you experienced in life, something you've never shared before, an embarrassing moment, anything and everything. It can also be about Cleaning your Closet Literally. Clothes you are getting rid of or to show us if your closet is messy, clean or a remodeling.

Since this blog is a humorous look at menopause, I am going to blog about "cleaning out my closet".

I'm 50! I'm menopausal! I can't have anymore babies nor do I want to. My closet is empty.

I started working on cleaning my closet out almost 26 years ago. I got snipped. No shame in it and after 4 difficult birthings I didn't want anymore. Too bad humans can't eat their young...

Fast forward 24 years. Yes, it took me that long to sort out my closet.
Menopause entered into my life and helped me right along. My closet is now spotless. Not one thing out of place.I don't have to worry about anything. No more visits every month, no more unexpected messes to clean up in my closet.

So today I declare my closet to be completely empty and no longer a storage space for junk!


  1. Valerie said...:

    Been doing that literally and figuratively since I retired almost 2 years ago. In the process have donated (literally) 40-50 pairs of shoes (I know!) that I had been dragging around for decades and not wearing, mountains of clothing, dishware (1 woman does not need 38 wine glasses and 52 (!) coffee mugs), furniture, etc. But the biggest baggage I unloaded was the stress and jackassery that came with the decent income. I have smaller expenditures, less clutter, and a million times more bliss - literally and figuratively. Rock the closet-clearing!

  1. Debbie said...:

    Love that analogy! hahaha. Great post.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It is a task that seems will remain on my to-do list until the end of time! Nice work on the post and closet. :)

  1. Valerie said...:

    Speaking of closets - there's a Stylish Blogger Award for you here.

  1. Kittie Howard said...:

    Ah, love it! And love your analogy! Hot flashes can be inspiring (lol now that I've got the tee shirt.)

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