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Any Excuse to Eat Chocolate!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter season is upon us and it's a time to rejoice, but it's also a time to eat chocolate!

Now as a 50 year old menopausal woman I'm too old to hunt Easter eggs for candy and goodies, so I send my secret weapon to do it for me. My grandson is 7 and loves to hunt Easter eggs, but hates chocolate...I'm so glad, because that's more for my secret stash.

Personally, I love any holiday where I have an excuse to eat chocolate!

So parent's when you take your child Easter egg hunting tomorrow, be on the look-out for a fifty-year old women with an Easter basket!


  1. Have fun Debra...I think I just did the same thing by getting my husband some chocolate that I know he'll share with me!

  1. Alida said...:

    Happy Easter!! Enjoy your basket of goodies!!

  1. Kelly Hashway said...:

    Happy Easter! I enjoyed the mocha brownies with dark chocolate centers I made. Yum!

  1. Mark R Hunter said...:

    I had to mostly give up chocolate -- not for lent, but for cholesterol. *sob*

  1. Astra said...:

    Debra, what a great post! Sometimes a 7-year old who doesn't like chocolate is just put in your path for all the right reasons!! I missed my Easter service this Sunday and felt really awful that Easter had resorted to just eating chocolate. Then all the chocolate was gone and I felt even worse :(
    I also liked the sports story you posted on socialmoms. As a hockey mom, spring comes with a sigh of relief of sorts, as concussion season is finally over for me...

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