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One Two...I Can't Buckle My Shoes

Friday, July 1, 2011
One two...I can't buckle my shoes....

OK, I have to admit since I've become a fifty-something menopausal woman I love to eat.

I'll eat just about anything, but I crave startchy and salty foods. Give me chips and pretzels and I'll be contend, but my butt won't!

It longs to be slim and trim along with my thighs which tend to have a mind of their own. I've tried every diet on the www and bought every book, but I'm lazy.

I hate to exercise and I know I should, but give me a break I have a real good excuse. I'm a 50 something menopausal woman who loves to eat.

 Exercise is a figment of my imagination and food....well, it's my reality.

One two....I can't buckle my shoes, but hey I'll just walk around barefooted!


  1. I like biking,swimming, walking and house cleaning instead of exercise. Even shopping and trying on clothes and walking down long aisles at the store can burn off some unwanted calories. :)

  1. Beverly Diehl said...:

    SheWrites sister here - thanks for making me laugh. While I stay away from high heels and haven't suffered TOO many hot flashes - yet - I know they're a comin'.

  1. Jewelee said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Jewelee said...:

    LOL..I can so relate to this. For me, I seem to always feel to tired to get up and move. Then I love my chocolate. Not a good combination.

  1. I'm sticking with my Birkenstocks sister!

  1. EmptyNester said...:

    Slip-ons girl...slip-ons! LOL

  1. Bee's Blog said...:

    Hilarious! And after menopause it get's worse.

    I don't like exercise either - when I feel that I should exercise, I take two pain killers and lie down until the feeling wears off!

    But I'm not giving up my killer heels for anyone or anything! Make legs look slimmer than they are!!

  1. Annie Boreson said...:

    I'm right there with you! I am allergic to gyms and what is this new craze for hot yoga. I'm hot enough with all this menopause stuff! I don't need to sweat to the oldies. I am the oldies! Thanks for the laugh!

  1. Bella said...:

    Thanks for the giggle! I'm currently addicted to sugary carbs in the form of croissants. Sadly, I realize we must part ways if I'm to remain sane and keep my butt from spreading any further! :)

  1. wosushi said...:

    Hmmm...I already love to eat. And I've got a ways until menopause. This does not bode well...

  1. Deanna said...:

    THis is too funny!!! I was unable to buckle my shoes at one point of my life. I can now proudly say.... I wear flip Flops!!

  1. Diane said...:

    Once I've done up my shoes, I have to sit down till my little, private trip to a warm, tropical place is over. So, no shoes works for me, too!

  1. Bee's Blog said...:

    I cut out carbs. There was a slight weight loss. Then I cut out Coca Cola an hey presto! Lost 5lbs in 2 weeks! No exercise yet!

  1. My Inner Chick said...:

    --Very Cute! Will you excuse me while I go grab a chocolate chip cookie, please?
    Visitng from LBS. x

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