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Welcome Guest Blogger Breast Cancer Survivor Melody Olson

Monday, October 10, 2011


Melody is a 2 time breast cancer survivor! Be sure to stop by Melody's blog melody-mae .Her is all about life and the beauty in each and every day! Below is Melody's uplifting story.

Melody Olson: My Story

My name is Melody. It is October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this is a cause that is near and dear to me!

I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor, Yes I said two times…

 The First Time...

The first time I was diagnosed my three daughters were still quite young. My prayer and my goal was to just BE HERE. To be here to watch them grow up! I was going to take whatever those doctors had to throw at me. My plan was to fight back and never give up. I had surgery followed by 10 months of chemo and then seven years later...

The Second Time Around... 

7 years of clean and clear reports...

I found a lump on the other side and so began the tests, biopsies, surgeries and chemo once again. This time my girls were older. Two were living on their own and the youngest was in high school. My prayer took on a different meaning.  

The goal had been changed. Now I wanted to be here to see that youngest go to college and become a teacher. I wanted to be here for weddings and grand-babies!

This time after surgery and chemo, I decided to have my ovaries removed to prevent any more estrogen. (my tumors were ER+ which meant the estrogen in my body fed the tumors)

So I had an oophorectomy, where they removed the ovaries. I was 45 years old and this sent me smack dab into menopause, in fact none of this slow menopause stuff, right smack into hot flashes and night sweats…oh the joy! :)

2 Time Breast Cancer Survivor...

I was one of those 'lucky' ones to hear you have cancer not once but TWICE! But, I am also here to tell you I have battled the beast, and won! :)  

And you know what? My youngest daughter is now a senior at Western Washington University. She will be graduating with a dual major and becoming that teacher she always wanted to be.

I also have 2 married daughters who have BOTH given me a grandson!

The joy I felt when I saw these little faces and held them for the very first time was unbelievable. It was multiplied by the fact that I was ALIVE!  I was here to be a part of their little lives!!!

I Am Here To Tell Ya...

Life is good! There is always hope, I truly believe this.

there is always hope.

when the clouds are dark and heavy

when it feels like all is lost

My prayer is that you remember,

there is always hope!

I pray that you would keep looking UP. SHINE your light for others to see-

May you savor each and every moment of each and every day.

life is good and my God is awesome!

I leave you with a quote from Anne Frank:

"Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again!"



  1. Beverly Diehl said...:

    Thanks, Debra Ann, for posting this inspiring story.

  1. melody-mae said...:

    Thank you Debra for allowing me to share today!

  1. Thanks for sharing this encouraging story, it is truly inspirational!

  1. Sibylla said...:

    Your story is so inspirational! I'm so glad to have read it and to know that there are happy continuations (don't want to say endings!).

  1. Cathie G said...:

    Great story! As a breast cancer survivor (also estrogen driven) myself I can totally relate to your story. I spend alot of time on my knees during that time of my life and learned so much!!!

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