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Dear Me

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Today's HAWMC prompt: Dear 16-year-old-me. Write a letter to yourself at age 16. What would you tell yourself? What would you make your younger self aware of?

Dear sixteen year old Ann,

You don't realize your life is about to change. You are going to make a decision that will affect not only you, but your family as well. I'm not saying you shouldn't do what you are about to do, but think about how just one mistake will change your life. You will pay for what you are about to do with more than you'll ever realize.

You are young and foolish, but this is a moment you have to be mature and wise. Don't trust anyone. There won't be anyone to help or guide you once you go down the path of destruction.

Choose who you want to be carefully. Make the right choices in your young life, finish school, don't do drugs and don't get pregnant out of wed-lock. Your health depends of the choices you will make.

Fifty-one year old Ann


  1. Diane Carlisle said...:

    Oh man, Debra. I enjoyed this because I do understand what it feels like trying to talk to my teenage self. My daughter is 17 and back in February I did write a fun piece about communication with our selves 30 years in the past. Please stop by and let me share it with you when you have a chance.

    It's story than narrative though.

    Myself 30 years ago

  1. I've never thought of trying something like this...

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