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Blog for Mental Health 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Because I am blogging about mental health this month I happened across this great project that was founded by Tallulah "Lulu" Stark at As the Pendulum Swings. Although I was not nominated I think this is a great idea and I wanted to promote it on my blog.

So, here are the rules.

1.) Take the pledge by copy and pasting the following into a post featuring “Blog for Mental Health 2012″.

I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2012 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.

2.) Link back to the person who pledged you.

3.) Write a short biography of your mental health, and what this means to you.
     With mental health issues comes a stigma that a person is insane. In my defense I have to disagree. I have mental health issues. I'm not crazy or insane. I happen to be a fifty-something stressed out woman  who has problems with mental health. It started when I was a child. I can remember I must have been about 9 or 10 and the family doctor prescribed "nerve pills." I didn't know why, I just took them like a good girl. As I got older the thoughts I had became stronger, but I refused to medicate myself. I don't like pills of any kind. When I feel about ready to explode I look for the only release that helps me wander back. I write!

I feel human again when I write. I can be alone without the worries of the world.

4.) Pledge five others.
     1. Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars
     5. Quit the Cure

If you happen upon this without being pledged, I still pledge you. Feel free to take the pledge! Promote awareness!


  1. The stigma, I think, keeps us silent, and sometimes keeps us from seeking help. There's this sense that needing help is a sign of weakness.

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