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Kreativ Blogger Award

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My blog has been honored with yet another award. This time it's the coveted Kreativ Blogger Award. I received the award from Truly Simply Pink.  Thank you ever so much!

The rules are simple:

1. Thank and link back to the giver.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Share 10 random facts/thoughts about yourself
4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award

What is?
Favorite song: Feels So Right by Alabama 
Favorite dessert: Spumoni
What ticks me off: Hypocrites.
When I'm upset I: rant
Favorite pet: Lassie,my childhood dog
Black or White: Black
Biggest fear: heights
Everyday attitude: mostly snappy
What is perfection?Jesus Christ
My guilty pleasures: writing

10 facts
1. Left handed
3. Twice married
4. Grandmother
5. Caffeine Junkie
6. Shower Singer 
7. Southern
8. Irish
9. Only shave my legs in the summer
10.Can't whistle

So...on to the no particular order...
1.  Carole's Chatter 
3.  Baby Makes Four
4.  Are we there yet?
5.  Growing Old with Grace
6.  Southern Belle
7.  What the &*@# was I thinking?



  1. Carole said...:

    Hey Debra - how nice of you to think of me. I have been keeping my blog award free, though. I enjoy following your blog.

  1. Diane Carlisle said...:

    Wow! Thank you Debra. I'm so honored. Adding to my collection. :D

    I've been away from the computer to visit with family, so this is just lovely to return with an award!

  1. Kimba Dalferes said...:

    Hi Deborah. Your blog is great; love the title.

  1. You really started my week with a smile, Debra! Thank you for honoring me with this award. I truly appreciate it.

    And congratulations on your award! :D

  1. Ah, so you're lefthanded too?

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