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A Visit a Day, Keeps Illness at Bay

Friday, May 18, 2012

As National Women's Health Week winds down I want to talk about visiting your health care professional to receive regular checkups and preventive screenings.

Women, especially menopausal women are at risk for many health problems and need to have regular, yearly check-ups and preventive screenings.

I want you to be aware, be prepared and be scared...

Be aware of the health risks of being a menopausal woman.

Be prepared to talk to your doctor about your menopausal health risks.

Be scared enough to talk about your health issues with your doctor. 

If you are aware of the health risks involved with menopause, then you can be prepared to talk with your health care provider and if you are prepared enough then you should be scared enough to get yearly preventive screenings.

It's your health, don't be a wallflower....


  1. Carole said...:

    Thanks for your comment on Carole's Chatter.

  1. Judith C Evans said...:

    Good advice...always good to be aware, especially about our health. I've given you a blog award, which you can pick up at my blog.

  1. Katrin said...:

    As women, we always seem to put our health on the back burner because we are so busy. Good post. We do have to take care of ourselves

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