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Love Your Body Day 2012:Wednesday, Oct. 17

Friday, October 12, 2012
Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?

Hollywood and the fashion, cosmetics and diet industries work hard to make us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement.

Advertisements reduce us to body parts -- lips, legs, breasts -- airbrushed and touched up to meet impossible standards.

The media tell women and girls that cosmetic surgery is good for self-esteem.

Is it any wonder that 80% of U.S. women are dissatisfied with their appearance?

Together, we can fight back.

Love Your Body: What's It All About?

Love Your Body: Get Talking!
The first step in moving beyond unrealistic standards of body and beauty is to get talking about the common themes found in media images of women. We must encourage women and men, girls and boys to think critically about the images they see every day instead of passively accepting them.

If you're on Twitter, you can follow NationalNOW and use the hashtag #lybd to talk about Love Your Body Day and the things you are doing to celebrate! You can also find NOW on Facebook, where we also have a Love Your Body Cause.

Be sure to stop back by on the 17th to see my post for Love Your Body Day...


  1. shelly said...:

    At forty-seven-actually at 35-I decided to work with the parts God gave me and not against them. There are things to enhance and things to deminish in good ways. Botox and surgery are not good choices in my book. Nor is starving oneself. Proper nutrition, supplements, exercise, and good amounts of H20 do the body good. Not to mention, a positive attitude.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  1. Diane Carlisle said...:

    Great reminder, Debra. My daughter and I have always discussed body issues, from development of breasts to hair growth to body piercing and tattoos. We've shared healthy attitudes about image and perceptions. Body awareness is very important, especially for our developing young women of the future.

  1. Sherlinda Dix said...:

    Back on my feet from much needed time off...I've been under the weather. Catching up now. Thank you for participating in the Getting To Know You blog hop. It's always great to see you there. Have a blessed day.

  1. Jennifer R. said...:

    What a great reminder!

  1. Steve Finnell said...:

    you are invited to follow my blog

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