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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience-This Winter Hen Needs to Become a Spring Chicken Again

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In 4 weeks I'll turn fifty-two and will have to face a few new realities. Number one, I'm no longer a Spring chicken, but an over-stuffed Winter hen. Number two, I'm overweight and out of shape that's why I decided to take the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience.

I don't like being overweight. I know I need to lose weight and that's why I'm committed to the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience. Creative Bioscience offers a variety of weight loss products for the challenge. I decided to try 30 Day Diet

I chose 30 Day Diet because it contains no sugars, starches, or fillers. This is a big plus for me when choosing a weight loss supplement. I also look for something that will give me energy in a positive way and I found it in this product.

During my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge I will become a product tester and hopefully along the way lose weight. As part of my challenge and product testing I'll receive a 90 day supply to help me on my weight loss journey.

There are many challenges to weight loss, but with the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience you can become a champion too. To find out how you can join the challenge click on this link: 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience for more details and to join. 

Join me in a few weeks when I begin my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge and also offer an exciting giveaway for 3 lucky readers as well.

Follow me 90 days to see if this over-stuffed Winter hen can become a Spring chicken again.

Disclosure: I received products from Creative Bioscience to test for 90 days as part of the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The opinions during those 90 days are my own. 


  1. Diane Carlisle said...:

    Good luck with your program, Debra! You should post before and after pictures, at least every 2 weeks. I understand it's a great motivator to keep on track. :)

  1. Good luck with the program, Debra!

  1. Sabz said...:

    i'm also on a 90 day challenge but with body by vi. good luck with that!
    new follower, follow back? :D

  1. Sela Toki said...:

    Debra you crack me up. "NO longer a Spring Chicken!" LMBO. Too funny and my new resolution is to loose weight too. Hopefully this time I'll stick to it. Good luck and I'll keep checking back to cheer you on.

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