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Day 1 #NHBPM – Thursday, Nov. 1 “Why I write about my health”

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This month I am once again joining WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month. For thirty days bloggers will post on the topic of the day. Today's topic is:

Day 1 – Thursday, Nov. 1
“Why I write about my health”
“My favorite thing about social media / the internet / online health communities…”

I chose to write about my health. You can follow the bloggers on twitter with #NHBPM #HAWMC or join the FB event.

Why I Write About My Health?

I write to share with other's the up's and down's of menopause and fibromyalgia. I suffer from both. I'll soon be 52 and I have to face the facts, I am no longer a Spring chicken. I'm a Winter hen. My bones creak, my fingers ache with each keystroke I take, my body longs for the Spring. 

It's not easy living in this 52 year-old body, but I make due. I have no choice. It's all I got!

I could bitch and grip about my ailments, but I use humor to make light of a bad situation. I can't take drugs(my system can't handle any form of drug). So I bummed about that. I don't smoke, don't drink, and don't here I am a worn-out, broken down 52 year-old woman who rants and raves about my health.

Menopause and fibromyalgia are serious and by no means am I making fun of those two conditions. I'm poking fun at myself because I have nothing better to do.


  1. lib said...:

    I love how you describe yourself as a "Winter Hen". We really have to use humour in these situations, don't we! :)

  1. Melissa Sugar said...:

    This will be a fun 30 days to follow. I am 45, but I am also starting menopause (early, my doc tells me b/c years of infertility and IVF treatments) so I can really relate to the hot flashes, mood swings etc. I swear as soon as I turned 40 my body began to ache in places for no apparent reason. My hubbie says it just comes with age-that and my eyesight going. Love your blog!

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