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#ChristmasLetdown Christmas Letdown Giveaway Hop Hosted by Planet Weidknecht and Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The day after Christmas can often feel like a letdown, so Planet Weidknecht and Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! have organized the Christmas Letdown Giveaway Hop from December 26 to December 31 to bring you some cheer and prizes.

I'm giving one lucky reader a bath set with 2 bars of Beecology natural soaps in honey oat and lemongrass, 1 bottle Simply Sensual body lotion in green tea, 2 Goat Milk Stuff soap bags, and 1 Leaf hand towel valued at $30.

After you enter my giveaway, hop through the list of participating blogs below
for more great prize giveaways! Good luck and Happy New Year!


  1. kmcgrew213 said...:

    my dream look is one that i dont have to shop the clearance racks for

  1. debijackson said...:

    my dream look is natural debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  1. Lorna England said...:

    Smokey eyes, red lipstick!

  1. mail4rosey said...:

    I like sparkly looks for my dream look.

  1. Carly Dunavant said...:

    my dream look is to be thin and radiant like in my 20's!

  1. Gina Brickell said...:

    YOUNG looking.. THAT's my dream look!!

  1. tracy webb said...:

    Natural, be just me.

  1. IndiaBranca said...:

    Passando para uma visita e desejar um Feliz Ano Novo para você e família!

  1. fee roberts said...:

    Followed with Google+ / fee roberts

  1. fee roberts said...:

    My dream look : I would have my teeth fixed =D

  1. eclairre said...:

    To have clear skin.

  1. to look younger than I really am

  1. Lauren Mackesy said...:

    full hair, thin, not having to shop in the plus sized section.

  1. Lisa Cox said...:

    my dream look is natural, just me, but with hair that does something other than just hang there flat.

  1. Marti Parks said...:

    My dream look is small. I want to be thin!!

  1. Georgette C said...:

    I want to be a lot thinner than I currently am.

  1. Tawnya said...:

    I like a natural look. Thanks!

  1. polly said...:

    thin and no wrinkles!

  1. DONNA CHEATLE said...:

    My dream look? Classy and elegant with just a bit of spice!

  1. Jenny Stanek said...:

    Rock star!!


  1. amkj2002 said...:

    My dream look...Eva Mendes in Hitch, natural and pretty.

  1. Chelsea said...:

    My dream look is to be confident in my own skin and have amazing hair days!

  1. Jen Haile said...:

    Healthy and happy looking with natural red hair, because i'm tired of dying my hair!

  1. mandala said...:

    My dream look - have younger looking clear skin and healthy body

  1. Mystica said...:

    To have better skin and to lose 20 lbs!

  1. scottsgal said...:

    to get rid of a few wrinkles and extra pounds

  1. Judy-Ree said...:

    50 lbs lighter, 10 years younger and a whole lot richer. *g*

  1. Allison said...:

    comfortable and stylish

  1. Anonymous said...:

    My dream look? No wrinkles, air brushed face, professional hairdoo with the snap of my fingers, confident walk in heels! karen,

  1. ~April~ said...:

    My dream look would be natural with out the wrinkles and blemishes...
    April Harvell

  1. Melissa S said...:

    I love the look of well cut jeans with a nice casual blazer. I just would love to look put together more often. :)

  1. Trisha V said...:

    To have flawless skin!

  1. Leah CB said...:

    My dream look, would be about 80 lbs lighter, lol.

  1. My dream look is to get big full hair with curls, it'd be nice cause it's so thin now.

  1. golden storm said...:

    my dream is to get rid of my black circles under my eyes and to look natural in makeup

  1. let it be said...:

    My dream look is wild curls, Natural makeup...maybe a smokey eye :) Something different for me

  1. nice shiney hair thats bouncy is all i need

  1. cjabdelnour said...:

    My dream look is natural with pierced earrings and a necklace. Cheryl Abdelnour

  1. Megan Parsons said...:

    I like my look how it is. It's been my dream to have blue highlights and now I have them. The only thing I wish I could have is natural straight hair.

  1. Merry said...:

    My dream look is a hippie style, or the clothing worn during Midievil times.
    Lisa H
    yankssssrule08 at yahoo dot com

  1. Anonymous said...:

    size 3 - by heather

  1. sandra davis said...:

    my dream look would be to lose about 10 lbs and get rid of some wrinkles and grey hairs

  1. doodlebug said...:

    My dream look would be nice and thin and rich so I could afford to buy really nice clothes without having to look at the price tag to see if I can afford it.

  1. Clair said...:

    my dream look would have natural soft curls that I wouldn't have to do much to manage and would stay all day!

  1. Mona said...:

    My dream look is to be slimmer and toned. Also, a clear, glowing complexion would be nice. Oh, and no glasses or contact lenses.

  1. To have clearer skin :)

  1. My dream look would have to be to be able to look younger than I actually am. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  1. lornacari said...:

    My dream look would be to be more slender, beautiful skin, and stylish clothing.

  1. my dream look would be to look younger and thinner...

  1. Sherry Compton said...:

    To be thinner and more in shape...I want to look healthy and younger, too. :)

  1. Holly Lynn said...:

    My dream look would be to look classy even with spilt condiments from my son all over me :)

  1. barbara stenby said...:

    My dream look is black leggings black boots and a long sweater

  1. Judy Gregory said...:

    my dream look is jammies and fuzzy socks. i old and tired. :)

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