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Day 60 of My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience and Giveaway

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Day 60 with the 90 day weight loss challenge by Creative Bioscience and 30 Day Diet plan and here are a few facts about my weight loss challenge: I failed! You're probably wondering what went wrong? I did...

I'm not good at dieting or losing weight. I don't like taking pills for one thing and I don't like exercise! Instead of losing 5 pounds, I've gained ten pounds. What am I going to do about it? Well, I'm going to start over. On March 1st, I'm starting fresh. erase the last 60 days, pretend two months of agony and weight gain never happen.

I'll have more weight to get rid of, I'll have more posts to write, but that's okay. We all fail and we all learn from that failure. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned and you have to take it as it comes. So stayed tuned, there's more to come...
Three lucky readers will win a 30 day supply of 30 Day Diet to jumpstart their weight loss journey. Enter to win here. Contest open to US only. Must be 18 to enter. Contest ends 3/28/13. Just in case you don't win, you can use coupon code HEELS to save on Creative Bioscience products.


I'll update my progress on March 31st and also announce the 3 winners of the 30 day supply of 30 Day Diet.

Disclosure: I received a 90 day supply of 30 Day Diet for participation in the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience. Creative Bioscience is also supplying 3 winners each with 1 bottle of 30 Day Diet. The opinions are my own and do not reflect any medical advice. High Heels and Hot Flashes is not responsible for any weight loss measures my readers choose to use.



  1. Kristyn said...:

    good luck with it this time around :) stay strong!

  1. Margaret said...:

    But at least your still trying. Good luck!

  1. Maria Briggs said...:

    Good luck this time around! Don't feel discouraged, it happens to the best of us! I'm rooting for you!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I do horrible on diets, as soon as someone tells me I can not have something, that is all I want and I can not stop with a small serving. I am sorry yours has started out this way, Starting over is not a bad thing though, maybe a little extra motivated now. Can not wait to see the success posts.

  1. I wonder if starting one of these in the dead of winter actually turns out to be a hindrance.

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