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A Wish for My Daughter

Saturday, April 27, 2013
My mind, heart, and soul are torn. I've hesitated about writing this post. but I need to express the way I feel and get things off my mind.

My baby girl has HIV/AIDS and does not have much longer to live. She is in hospice currently. She only weighs now about 51 pounds. It saddens me to see my beautiful daughter wracked with pain and her beautiful soul dying. I'm helpless, there is nothing I can do to turn back the hands of time. She's only 27.

If you are a parent and your child comes to you and tells you they have HIV, please listen and don't judge. I didn't listen to my child 10 years ago. I judged her lifestyle, I was wrong and now my heart is breaking into a million tiny shards.

Wishes for My Daughter

I wish for you no more pain

I wish for you to dance in the rain

I wish for you peaceful sleep

I wish for you to no longer weep

I wish for you dreams sweet

I wish for you to run bare-feet

I wish for you another year
I wish for you to cry no more tears

I love you Baby Girl!

To find out more about HIV/AIDS and women please check out Rock the Red Pump Project.


  1. What wonderful wishes for your special daughter. I hope your wishes come true. Have a blessed day. Followed you from SITS.

  1. What a great dedication to your daughter. Blessings to your family.

  1. Woolby & Co. said...:

    My heart goes out to you and your family. You are doing the best thing that a parent should do, which is to love your daughter unconditionally. I wish you all the best and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Best wishes

    Woolby & Co.

  1. Debra, I'm so very sorry.

  1. Tractor Mom said...:

    Praying for peace for you both....

  1. I'm so sorry. Also praying for peace for both of you. hugs

  1. Vicki Hale said...:

    I'm saddened to hear of this. I pray that God's merciful comfort will be upon her and your family. Vicki

  1. Diane Carlisle said...:

    I'm so sorry, Debra! This is heart-wrenching. I cannot fathom dealing with such pain of losing a child. Share these last moments together and embrace each other as you are doing. Nobody is going to judge you for any misunderstanding, especially your daughter. She loves you, and we know you love her.

    Nothing else matters!

  1. Lisa McCall said...:

    Sorry to hear of your struggle. May you and your daughter find peace in the days ahead. Happy Happy #SITSSharefest ! Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Cindy Brown said...:

    Beautiful post. My thoughts are with you and your daughter.

  1. Beautiful words. Thoughts are with you and your daughter. PS: Chris Dean sent us.

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