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Neoteric Diabetic Product Review

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Disclosure: I received Neoteric Diabetic products for the sponsor for this review. All opinions are my own.

When you're a diabetic, your health is so important. One of the major aspects to caring for yourself is taking care of your skin. My husband is a Type II diabetic and some of concerns is his scalp and feet.

His scalp flakes and his feet are terrible. I'm always on the look-out for products to help reduce his flaky scalp and his nasty looking feet. I discovered a great company called Neoeric Cosmetics when I reviewed one of their products awhile back. When I was approached and asked to review their diabetic products of course I jumped on the band wagon!

My husband received full size products of Neoteric Diabetic Shampoo and Scalp Care and Advanced Healing Cream. He immediately began using both daily and within two days saw a dramatic improvement in his scalp and feet. His scalp was less flaky and his feet were less red and ugly.

Both products are now a staple in his diabetic routine. I give both A+.

Neoteric® Diabetic Skin Care is the advanced solution to dry, cracked, itchy and slow healing skin...  

Whether you are living with diabetes or simply suffer with dry skin problems, Neoteric Diabetic products may be the final answer to your skin care troubles.
If you suffer with dry, cracked, itchy or slow-healing skin or if you get embarrassing bruises at the drop of a hat, Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream is a "must have" for you.  While increasing skin's circulation, helping severely dry, damaged skin heal and repair itself, Advanced Healing Cream provides an environment in which the skin can be protected, preventing it from further damage.
Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care is highly recommended by physicians, diabetic educators and medical practitioners who deal with all sorts of dry skin problems.  Many of them offer free samples and money-off coupons to their patients.  

Right now you can score great discounts of these wonderful addition to your diabetic skin care collection:
BUY 1 - GET 1 FREE $8.49 

Contains TriOxygenC®, the same healing ingredient used in our Advanced Healing Cream
12 oz.
* Relieves dryness, itching & flaking
* Cleans & conditions hair & scalp
* Soothes
* Helps to promote scalp healing
* Provides therapeutic moisturization

Also works great as a soothing, moisturizing, anti-itch body wash

Clinically proven to increase circulation & speed healing
4 oz.
* Intensive healing treatment
* TriOxygenC® increases circulation
* Aloe helps to speed healing
* Vitamin E enhances protective function of skin 
* Non-greasy
* Restores & protects
* Treats slow-healing chronic dry, cracked skin
* For use on entire body

Take care of you or your loved one with Neoteric Diabetic Care products!


  1. My mother used something similar for her feet, which tended to be a problem at times because of the disease.

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