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Another Zim's Review

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Disclosure: I received an assortment of Zim's products for this review. However, all opinions are my own.

I love Zim's! I've reviewed there products before and fell in love with there great products. When I got the opportunity to try other Zim's products, I was thrilled.

I was sent three of their products to try and then review. 

I received Maximum Heat roll-on. Because I have fibromyalgia, this product works great for me.  Maximum Heat roll-on relieves sore muscle pain, back pain, and pain in your joints. I can tell you, it does work! Of all the pain relief products I've tried,  prefer Zim's. It retails for $9.99, which isn't a bad deal. 

I also received 2 Crack Creme products. I was sent the crack cream original formula spray and the creamy daytime formula. I have dry, cracked skin on my elbows and feet. Both of these formula's were lifesavers. My skin looks and feels so much better since I've been using both products.

The crack cream original formula spray is convenient. You just spray and go. It's an all-natural multi-use liquid herbal formula. I love it. It also has a pleasant smell with no medicine smell. It retails for $6.99.

The creamy daytime formula is an herbal formula that softens and moisturizes dry, cracked skin. Developed by a pharmacist. Recommended for daytime use, complimenting nighttime use of the Original Liquid Formula. You can use on your hands, feet, elbows, cuticles, and more. I use this mostly on my feet. Since I've been using the cream, my  feet are much smoother.

Both formulas are wonderful to use, there all natural. 

If you're looking for an all-natural product then Zim's USA is the one for you. Right now if you like Zim's on FB you can get a printable $2.00 off coupon.


  1. The heat roll on sounds good...

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