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ALPHA HYDROX BODY CARE KIT Review and Giveaway #sponsored #neoteric #giveaway #win #alphahydrox

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Disclosure: I received a body care kit for review from Alpha Hydrox. However, all opinions are my own.

I love Alpha Hydrox and when I got the opportunity to review the Body Care Kit, I couldn't wait! Ever since I used the Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion I've been in love with their products.

The Body Care Kit contained everything I needed to take care of myself and hubby. The kit included: 

The first product I used was the moisturizing body wash in luxurious sea mist. 
 I loved the way the fresh ocean scent enveloped my body as I sunk into a hot tub of bubbles. It reminded me of being at the beach and the sea mist spraying against my skin. I have to admit, I used the entire bottle up in a week. 

More about the moisturizing body wash:

Gentle, rejuvenating, soap-free
12 fl. oz.
* For all skin types
* Contains 4% Glycolic AHA
* Effective pH 4.5
* Refreshing fragrance
* Contains Vitamin E and Aloe
* Rich, luxurious soap-free formula
* Cleans, conditions, soothes
* Exfoliates & moisturizes
Indulge your skin with this rich, luxurious formula that cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes, conditions, soothes and rejuvenates. Formulated for gentle, soap-free cleansing. Leaves skin feeling healthy, soft, clean and revitalized.  

How To Use:Lather over body with hands, a wash cloth or body pouf and rinse clean.  Pat skin slightly dry and follow with Alpha Hydrox SilkWrap Body Lotion.
The 12 fl.oz. bottle retails for $7.99. 

I also received the silkwrap body lotion
The silkwrap body lotion wraps your skin in a cocoon of richness. This lotion is very thick and silky. I love lotions that are thick. I feel like I'm bathing my body in water with thin lotions. With the silkwrap body lotion you only need a little. This lotion is also great if your have chicken bumps like me.
More about silkwrap body lotion: 
The ultimate in skin-saving therapy. Especially effective for persons affected with Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin bumps)
12 oz.
* For all skin types
* Contains 12% Glycolic AHA
* Effective pH 4
* Fragrance-free, non-greasy
* Exfoliates, hydrates, renews
* Adds rich moisture to your skin
* Leaves skin feeling smooth & soft
How To Use:
After cleansing with Alpha Hydrox Moisturizing Body Wash, gently pat skin slightly dry and apply Alpha Hydrox SilkWrap Body Lotion.
The 12 fl.oz. bottle retails for $12.49

The third product in the trio was the deep therapy foot cream.
My husband and I both suffer from cracked and dry feet. He's a diabetic and the deep therapy foot cream is perfect for his feet. It deep penetrating moisturizing gets into his feet making them soft and less prone to cracking. For me, the deep therapy foot cream was the perfect solution to my tired, achy feet. I use the twice a day and my feet never felt better. 
More about deep therapy foot cream:
12% Glycolic AHA
4 oz.
* For all skin types
* Extra strength exfoliation
* Effective pH4
* Deep-penetrating moisturization
* Effective pH 4
* Fragrance-Free
The exfoliating properties of the 12% glycolic alpha hydroxies work to loosen dead skin cells, allowing the penetrating moisturizers to soften the skin.  Ultra rich, deep-penetrating moisturizers soften, smooth and hydrate.
A 4 oz tube sells for $9.49

You can purchase these great products separately or in the body care kit  which is on sale for $25.50 a saving of $4 when you buy the kit. You can also win a body care kit. Neoteric Cosmetics is giving one lucky High Heels and Hot Flashes reader a body care kit. All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. Sherry Compton said...:

    For my husband the FOOT & PROBLEM CREAM
    12% Glycolic AHA

  1. Gigi Sweeps said...:

    I'd also like to try the Intensive Serum

  1. Doreen said...:

    Would like to try the Alpha Hydrox Facial Cleansers for acne!

  1. I really like the AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE OIL - Tired Muscles. My job is physical and my muscles get sore by the end of the day. I would love to try this out.
    katherine donovan

  1. Madeline B said...:

    I'd like to try the RETINOL RESQ .15% Pure-Active Retinol (Vitamin A).

  1. I'd also like to try the FOOT & PROBLEM CREAM.

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