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Bra Expert Bobbie Smith Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Find the Perfect Fit #bca

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. 

Breast cancer survivors—how do you find the perfect bra?

Because this topic is rarely discussed, many women aren’t aware of the options available to them, and bra shopping post-surgery can be a difficult and overwhelming task.

Bra fitting expert, Bobbie Smith, has fitted many breast cancer survivors and heard their stories first-hand. “Some women have experiences being fit in a department store where the fitter recoils from the sight of their scar tissue,” she reflects. “Others don’t want to show their scars and try to find options on their own, just to get more depressed when they can’t find anything.”

Bobbie is the fit expert at Freshpair, a leading online bra and underwear retailer that offers many options for women post-mastectomy, including post-surgical compression bras and bras with pockets to hold a breast form. Freshpair also offers the breast form itself, bras infused with aloe to sooth sensitive skin, several comfortable wireless options, and more. What many breast cancer survivors don’t realize is that it’s not about the size they need, but it’s about the cut, height and angle of the bra and underwire.

Breast cancer survivors can benefit from a professional bra fitting to find these specific styles that accommodate their new shape. Whether it’s scar tissue that must be fit around, sensitive skin, or finding a cup that fits nicely against a breast without an apex, these are all difficult solutions to find on your own. Bobbie currently holds private fit consultations via Skype, where women can find their perfect bra in the comfort of their own home. She also has a personal fitting room that will open to the public in 2014. 

Freshpair's website offers all of these options for women.

About Bobbie Smith
Bobbie Smith is a bra expert for Freshpair and fit specialist. She has successfully fit over 22,000 people, including petite to full figures, full bust women, women with augmented breasts, gender transition clients, and breast cancer survivors. With a rich knowledge of over 90 designers, she is dedicated to providing the best fit for each body.

Previously, Bobbie worked as a fit specialist for Intimacy in New York, where she trained new bra fitters and ranked in the top ten list for highest sales. She also attended their bra fit boot camp in Atlanta, led by Intimacy’s founder, Susan Nethero.
Prior to Intimacy, Bobbie was the Business Development Executive for Essense of Australia where she hosted trunk shows and worked as a contributing writer for The KnotBrides, and Modern Brides. She successfully opened 27 domestic accounts in addition to managing England and Scotland territories.

Bobbie has received notable media attention from the The Huffington Postand Mom Central and has fit special guests on What Not To WearThe Today Show, and The Chew. She also made a special appearance onTelemundo for hailing a cab in the right bra.
Bobbie continues to gain recognition as one of America’s top bra experts and has developed Freshpair’s Fitting Room, an exclusive bra fitting experience to educate anyone seeking a confident fit.

Bobbie's personal website is


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