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Celebrating Survorship! Products to Help... #bca

Friday, October 4, 2013
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Many women do not know what they need when going through treatment or that these products even exist—many conceived out of need ie. the FlowerPotz scarf. 

All of the following products are available for national purchase online and cancer centers around the country thanks to the dedication of Suzy Ginsburg

1. The Breast Milagro Heart Necklace: A milagro symbolizes the spiritual connection between the wearer, health and healing. The Breast Milagro was created by Leslie Jacobson as a symbol of awareness and faith for all women. The Breast Milagro is an intimate gift for yourself or a loved one in recognition of the wish for breast health.

2.   Replens Moisturizer: One of the most common and painful side effects of cancer treatment is feminine dryness and atrophy, and many women who are receiving chemotherapy or who are taking drugs like Tamoxifen, Raloxifene, and Aromatase inhibitors, may find themselves living with severe side effects that range from irritation in everyday walking, to discomfort with intercourse, to cracking and bleeding of the vaginal tissues. Cancer patients can’t use a hormone cream. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that over-the-counter, Replens is as effective at treating vaginal dryness as prescription hormones providing immediate and long lasting relief.

3. LympheDiva: A beautiful, elegant and comfortable compression sleeve available in many patterns and colors to control the swelling lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer treatment that can cause permanent swelling in the arms.

4. FlowerPotz: The Flowerpotz scarf is designed for mastectomy patients. One of the worst parts of having a double mastectomy is having drains.  This scarf holds and conceals these drains so that you may go on with your life or at least move around your home or shower by yourself comfortably. Go shopping!  go out to eat!  take your kids to the park!  go to work! Nobody will know that you have drains!  You can wear your own clothes, No need to hide your drains under bulky baggy clothes!

5. The Back in the Swing Cookbook-Recipes for Eating & Living Well Every Day after Breast CancerThe Back in the Swing Cookbook is a life-affirming book full of 150 feel-good recipes that are easy to prepare, with fresh ingredients specifically designed to help breast cancer 
survivors get back in the swing of joyful, healthy living.

6.   Soul Source Therapeutic Devices Soul Source dilators were created by a sex therapist and gynecologist to meet the needs of women undergoing progressive vaginal dilation therapy.

7.    100 Questions & Answers About Breast Cancer Sensuality, Sexuality and IntimacyThere are almost 200,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in the United States every year. Virtually all of the women who undergo treatment are plagued by questions of intimacy, sexuality, and personal and professional relationships. 100 Questions and Answers About Breast Cancer: Sensuality, Sexuality and Intimacy provides authoritative answers to the most common questions asked by women and their partners when coping with intimacy after the trauma of breast cancer. Written by renowned female sexuality and breast cancer physicians, this book offers encouragement and reassurance to those struggling to strengthen and rebuild relationships during and after breast cancer treatment.


  1. That compression sleeve is rather interesting... a side effect I wouldn't have thought of.

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