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Be Wise to the Signs of Burnout- #stress #meditation

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Disclosure: This information was provided by pace pr. However, all opinions are my own.
While many of us accept ongoing stress simply as a part of modern life, this approach can lead to ignoring the critical signs that you are headed for burnout.
According to stress expert Jan Bruce, there are some telltale signs that stress levels are becoming toxic and threatening overall health and well being.
1.      Your work-life balance has become an issue.

Balance is a continual, perpetual action to manage the ebbs and flows of life. The things that buffer you are “lifts” – like support of friends and family, proper diet, sleep, fitness, etc. The “drags” that magnify or exacerbate your stress, are anger, home stress, worrying, or even clutter.  When stress leads to burnout it gets harder to rely on your lifts. 

2.     Anger and anxiety have become your signature emotions.

When you don’t have the tools you need to complete the task at hand, you’re going to feel frustrated. And when you feel that people are taking advantage of you, you feel angry. If you find yourself going all the way to anger or anxiety all too quickly, the reaction may have more to do with burnout and less with what’s actually happening in the moment.

3.     Conflicts are an everyday obstacle.

Another sure sign of potential burnout is an increasing level of conflict between you and your colleagues or your loved ones. Maybe you’re not throwing things, but it’s palpably there—the brusque or exasperated tone of emails and kicked-up defenses day in, day out. Conflicts are both the result of stress and a major contributing cause.

4.  Your passion becomes your pain

A sign that things have taken a downward turn is when that the very thing that once inspired and energized you has now become draining. Flagging passion is a sign something’s gone wrong. While your current business or latest project may be flawed, it might be that a different approach will reignite potential, and your passion.
Jan Bruce is the CEO and Co-Founder of MeQuilibrium, an app that digitally coaches users to help dial down stress levels so that they can focus on things they love to do. Before MeQuilibrium, Jan Bruce sold her company, body*soul/whole living to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and served as their Managing Director for five years.

Disclaimer: This post may contain links to other stress related articles and my article as well.

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  1. shelly said...:

    It's never a good thing when you lose your passion for something you love doing.

  1. I've had my share of burnouts. It's taken therapy to find ways to deal with it.

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