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#NHBPM Nov. 2: Little Engine Post- I Think I Can...I Know I Can

Saturday, November 2, 2013

For Day 2 of #NHBPM we're challenged to write 3 lines that each start with “I think I can…”
Then write 3 lines that start with "I know I can..."

Having fibromyalgia on top on chronic pain makes my days a challenge, but I try everyday to get through what it will bring.

I think I can do my best to forget the pain.
I think I can understand why this is happening to me.
I think I can get through another day.

I know I can be strong.
I know I can not let my condition control my life.
I know I can help others who are like me.


  1. bravely stated. positive outlooks make for happier lives.

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