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#NHBPM: Nov. 9: Just admit It Racism is Alive and Well in the South

Saturday, November 9, 2013

#NHBPM: Nov. 9: Just admit it

It’s taboo. Write about something that people do but don’t like to talk about or won’t admit to doing.

I'm from the South and where I live most people are still racist and rednecks. Nobody will admit to this fact, but it a sad truth. The "N" word is standard issue where I live. I hate to admit that a lot of people I know still use the word. Nobody wants to talk about it, but it's there in the open spaces of Southern society. Nobody will admit they say the word, but they do. Although, a lot of Southerners are out in the open about their feelings, some still keep it hidden within the confines of their homes. If you ask most Southerns, they won't admit to being racist, but here in the deep South where I'm from it's the norm. 

I do have to admit, I'm not a racist, but growing up I probably said the "N" word without realizing what I was saying. I can't stand the word and think it's ignorant for people to use it whether white or black. 


  1. Victoria said...:

    It is racism everywhere. Not just in the south. I have lived in the south and I will admit to it being worst there but it is present up north too.

  1. I think it's all over, and see it more in more daily.Thanks for sharing your thoughts on such a taboo subject, I think people believe if they don't talk about it then they won't have to admit it's happening.

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  1. Silvie Armas said...:

    I agree with Victoria, unfortunately it is everywhere. I'm currently living up north, but I have also lived in the south. And unfortunately it is worst there. Stopping by via Blogger Resources & Opps FB group :)

  1. My parents raised us to take people one at a time, and judge them by their actions and how they treat others. Bigotry still shocks me.

    Unfortunately the lessons didn't seem to take on my sisters, who from their life experiences seemed to give themselves over to racist remarks from time to time. It bothered me a lot. Maybe that set in motion the eventual estrangement.

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