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Blog Tour: Happiness is a Habit

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Disclosure: I received an copy from Cedar Fort for review. However, all opinions are my own.
Renovate the rhythm of your life to create a healthier, happier you! Forget superficial fixes like fad diets or shopping sprees and instead learn how implementing simple daily habits can improve your quality of life. Author Michele Phillips will guide you in your quest to happiness by introducing you to helpful routines like
• listening to audio books in the shower
• spending time with nature
• establishing bad day emergency plans
As you read this practical guide to happiness, you will come to see that the confidence, vitality, and joy that you deserve are just a habit away!
Happiness is a Habit is filled with 45 happiness habits to turn your negative proclivities into happiness habits. A few of my favorite's are 'Use Your Words Wisely' and 'Make Time to Play'. We all need happiness habits in our lives. We tend to go through life filled with the negatives that bring us down and those around us as well and Michele's book fills the gap between the proclivities of negativity and the habits of happiness.

 You can order a copy of "Happiness Is a Habit," at  Amazon for $11.99.

Meet the Author:
Michele Phillips is the president of Key Performance, Inc. She is a self-esteem and peak performance expert with over 20 years experience, and she is the founder and creator of the CORE Performance System. As an experienced presenter, keynote speaker, and executive coach, Michele has worked with Fortune 500 companies around the globe. She holds numerous certifications and has trained thousands of leaders, and individual contributors in sales, emotional intelligence, leadership and peak performance. Michele holds a Masters degree from Fordham University. She resides in New York. Current blogs, upcoming seminars, and updates for Michele can be found


  1. Thank you for pointing the book out, Deb!

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