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Elite Serum Rx Review -#eliteserumrx #sponsored

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own.

If you're like me, you hate wrinkles and crow's feet around your eyes! I can't stand it, that's why I'm glad I discovered SkinPro and Elite Serum Rx

I've worked with this company in the past and absolutely love their products. When I got the opportunity to try the new Elite Serum Rx, I was ecstatic! 

I begin using it right away and within days no wrinkles or crow's feet. I couldn't believe the difference. I was thrilled. At 53 the last thing I wanted was a bunch of eye wrinkles. Elite Serum Rx is the key to a new and different you. If you have unsightly wrinkles and unwanted crow's feet, then Elite Serum Rx is the key to erasing years from around your eyes.

EliteSerumRX differs from Elite Serum in several very advanced, very exciting ways.  First, it contains (2) additional ingredients, Syn-Coll and Inyline.  Syn-Coll is a synthetic peptide designed to stimulate the skin’s natural mechanism to product collagen.  Clinical studies have shown that Syn-Coll is capable of reducing and changing the type and aspect of wrinkles that add years to your appearance. 

Inyline is a peptide that works to help constrict muscle contraction, reducing the depth and appearance of expression lines, those pesky lines that we earn from smiling, laughing, frowning and crying.  Expression lines are the hardest to treat.

The next advancement in the reformulated version is that the consistency is more like a cream instead of a serum.  It is still considered an eye serum, but it’s thicker, much like a cream, but with the benefits of a serum in the way that its not oily; it won’t cause breakouts or greasy skin.

If you're looking for a product made in the US and at a reasonable price, then  Elite Serum Rx is your best bet. You have two ordering options:
$89.95 :One-Time Purchase – NO Replenishment & Savings Program
or the best option: Replenishment & Savings Program - SAVE 33%
When selecting this option, you pay only $59.95 per unit today. Accordingly, every 45 days you will be automatically shipped a new order and billed $59.95 per unit of Elite Serum™ plus shipping. You can cancel at anytime.

Either way not only are you getting a great product but you're getting a lifetime without wrinkles!


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