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I Burned My Bra, but Not My Bridges

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The day I got boobs, I couldn't wait to get my first bra. It was pink with a little rose in the middle. Dainty and frilly...nothing like me. I'M A REBEL!

It was 1972, the year of equal rights and feminism. I was twelve, a young girl moving toward womanhood. I still played with Barbie and obeyed my parents. But, that was all about to change...I got boobs!

Along with my new and improved boobs came a monthly visitor. Can you imagine my horror when I had to walk into a small country drugstore and place a putrid shade of pink over-sized box of feminine pads on the counter?

Mortified and beet red, I snatched what would become my constant companion for the next thirty-something years off the counter and ran out of the drugstore. That's also the day I became a closet feminist.

At the tender age of twelve I vowed to burn my bra and forego womanhood. Of course I couldn't literally burn my bra, so I decided to stop wearing it. My mom went on the warpath and I rebelled against bra wearing.

My non-bra rebellion years began with a bang. I "burned" my bra, but not my bridges. I've crossed a lot of proverbial bridges in the past 40 something years and I still don't wear a bra, unless it's an absolute must!

From menstrual cycle to menopausal crazed, I burned my bra in celebration of the woman I became the day I turned twelve and the woman I am at 53.


  1. Very cool post! Thanks for sharing. I'm impressed with your confidence :)

  1. I'm fairly certain if I didn't wear a bra then my boobs would already be down to my ankles. Luckily I've worn one and won't have the ankle issue for a few more years :)

  1. Crystal Otto said...:

    Seeing as how I'm nursing our youngest, the thought of going without a bra is painful at this point - but I nonetheless enjoyed your post and your confidence. Thanks for sharing!


  1. I would imagine your mom going on the warpath about that!

  1. Hilarious! Dang the man! Bras are for sissies! I'm burning mine too! No more cages - freeeeeedoommm!! .....Ok but really, I'll take my bra least for the days when I go into the office :)

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