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Sweet February Giveaway Hop- Feb.3-15 #giveaway #valentine #sweet #hop

Sunday, February 2, 2014
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Welcome to the 
Sweet February Giveaway Hop

From February 3-15, you can enter giveaways at all the participating blogs listed below.
Each blogger is offering a prize of $25 or more!

My prize is...
1 box of Estromineral and a bag of assorted Adora milk and dark chocolate calcium with a value of $38. Once you enter my giveaway on the Rafflecopter below be sure to stop by and enter all the great bloggers have to offer during the Sweet February Giveaway Hop! Don't despair, if you don't win High Heels and Hot Flashes readers can save 20% with promo code ESTROBLOG. The promo code expires 02/28/14


  1. Gala said...:

    I'm anemic -- always tired, so I'm taking supplements

  1. My worst health issue is being overweight. I've started running and I hope that will help.

  1. That's quite a lot of giveaways!

  1. Marti Tabora said...:

    My biggest health concern is having trouble sleeping. It can be really hard to cope with it, but I try a lot of different remedies and relaxation techniques. Thanks for the chance.

  1. Marti Tabora said...:

    I learned that Estromineral can help with sleeplessness. That would be great for me.

  1. Marti Tabora said...:

    I learned that Adora has only 30 calories per serving. Thanks.

  1. Laura West said...:

    For me it would be trying to eat balanced meals.
    Especially for something I really enjoy it's hard to limit to a good portion size.

  1. walk9 said...:

    My asthma- i avoid triggers and carry my inhaler.

  1. Mayla Moore said...:

    My worst issue is my lack of sleep. To cope I try to take a nap at the same time as the baby.

  1. Melissa Miller said...:

    Heartburn! I take tums

  1. helen may said...:

    I would have to say menopause. It's not easy to deal with!

  1. Darlene said...:

    I have Throid issues but not too bad.

  1. Darlene said...:

    I learned that It is the only calcium supplement made with rich, all-natural, premium chocolate

  1. Cindi Decker said...:

    My worst health issue is high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I take medication for both.

  1. Cindi Decker said...:

    Estromineral is the natural supplement for hormone replacement therapy.

  1. being obese im trying to watch what i eat and have started exercising

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i get headaches so i take advil

  1. Amanda said...:

    I've had a pain in my shoulder and now the front of my arm for about five months now. Hot flashes at night don't help with all the tossing and turning.

  1. slogan1990 said...:

    Mental illnesses. I cope with therapy

  1. jodi frasier/lasher said...:

    My worse health issue is my chronic back pain. I am on pain killers but they rarely do any good anymore, so i pretty much just deal with it daily the best i can.

  1. My diabetes is my worst...I have no health insurance, and ran out of my insulin awhile I've been taking Chromium daily and I think it's helping.

  1. Rise Isom said...:

    I have osteo penia and I take calcium daily

  1. I have a few. Psoriasis is awful because I get it on the soles of my feet and on my hands and people act like they're going to catch it if they get near me, plus it keeps me up all night because I want to scratch it until there's no skin left, and then it cracks open and bleeds. It's the worst because there is no cure. Second, I'm currently off work because I injured my back at work 8 month ago and I've had pain in my back and down my legs to my toes ever since. It's non surgical, nothing we can do except pills and like jodi said, they don't really help anymore.

  1. I learned that they help with insomnia.

  1. I learned that Adora has only 30 calories per serving.

  1. Savannah Logan said...:

    My eczema is literally awful! I use prescription lotion three times a day and it makes it livable.

  1. Savannah Logan said...:

    I learned that one serving of this chocolate has fifty percent of your daily calcium! For someone who has a hard time getting in her daily values that is amazing!

  1. Savannah Logan said...:

    I learned that estromineral helps if you have trouble sleeping.

  1. Robyn Donnelly said...:

    I am going through pre-menopause and I cope like anyone else. Deal with it. Sleeping isn't too bad though.

  1. My headaches are the worse...I take Tylenol.

  1. My worst health issue is diabetes. I cope by trying to make good food choices and by taking my meds.

  1. Ruth Hill said...:

    I have bad allergies (as in environmental/seasonal), but zyrtec helps me through it.

  1. Ruth Hill said...:

    I learned that Estromineral is a soy supplement, and since I am going through perimenopause, I know this would help me.

  1. Ruth Hill said...:

    I learned that Adora is a calcium supplement developed by Thompson Brands--a chocolatier with a respected brand since 1879.

  1. tragedy6996 said...:

    Unfortunately I get blood clots from taking the pill for years. I stopped taking the pill and not I take Fish Oil and Vitamin E daily to help

  1. terrajunebug said...:

    I have arthritis- I drink lots of water and eat healthy veggies.

  1. terrajunebug said...:

    I like that calcium helps you sleep better.

  1. My fibro. I just take it easy when it flares.
    Jennifer Rote

  1. Wendy Mastin said...:

    right now it is the hot flashes due to menopause

  1. Wendy Mastin said...:

    I learned that it helps to eleveate
    • Hot Flashes
    • Night Sweats
    • Palpitations
    • Irritability
    • Trouble Sleeping
    • Water Retention

  1. Wendy Mastin said...:

    I learned that it comes in Dark Chocolate and creamy Milk Chocolate.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    My eyes, and I wear glasses.

    Cara James

  1. tara pittman said...:

    My dry skin and I use lots of lotion

  1. Heather said...:

    My worst health problem, they actually have no name for. I can't walk, but as long as I work out the symptoms are relived.

  1. wen budro said...:

    My worst health issue is my weight and I'm coping by trying to do something about it.

  1. wen budro said...:

    I learned that one disk delivers 500 mg of calcium....awesome.

  1. Christy Maurer said...:

    I've got high blood pressure and I have to take pills for it.

  1. Chris said...:

    Attempting to gain weight.

  1. Crystal Rose said...:

    I would say depression and anxiety. I have medication that really helps.

  1. Crystal Rose said...:

    It's a soy supplement.

  1. Crystal Rose said...:

    I should get 1000 mg of calcium per day.

  1. Jay said...:

    I get tired very easily!

  1. Jay said...:

    I learned that it is a soy supplement!

  1. Kimberly B. said...:

    i am sleepy and tired alot.. so i take vitamins to help

  1. Linda Kish said...:

    My worst health issue is heart disease. I cope by trying to eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight, take my medications, get adequate exercise and keep a positive attitude.

  1. amanda hoffman said...:

    high blood pressure and i try to stay calm

  1. shelly vandyne said...:

    My worst health issue is Arthritis and I learn to deal with it by taking stress off my joints and watching what I eat, and taking my medicine.

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