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Who's Afraid of the Bathroom? JUST GO GIRL!

Thursday, May 1, 2014
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Who's afraid of the bathroom? Me, that's who! I'm a fifty-something woman with embarrassing bladder leakage. I'm afraid of the bathroom because no matter how good I wipe after I do my business, I'm still going to leak. I'm one of the unlucky ones and suffer from stress incontinence. 

Women just like me who suffer in silence from stress or either athletic incontinence hide in silence, afraid to go out in public. I'm tired and fed up with bulky pads that make me feel like Godzilla on steroids.

Have you ever wished for the Tinkle Fairy to magically appear? Wish no more...

 Because so many women suffer from this all too common problem Brook Solis a mother of five founded JustGoGirl so women like me and you can lead normal, active lives. 

If you've been afraid to go out in public or exercise because you felt everyone knew your secret, fear not JustGoGirl is here! It's discrete, it's mini, and it's wrapped in cute blue so nobody will ever have to know.
Stop hiding out and start going out with confidence that you're protected against bladder leaks with JustGoGirl and get your  2 pad sample pack free!

More about the Just Go Pad:
More discreet and significantly more absorbent than a traditional sanitary napkin, the Just Go Pad can hold up to 140 ml of urine. Solis decided to make her innovative product available for all active women as a solution to what can be an embarrassing and delicate problem.  Solis is also currently developing JustGo Shorts which will be available for sale this summer.  


After the birth of her twins, Brooke Solis was determined to find a way to get back into shape. But an issue with athletic incontinence made exercise — particularly high-impact movement and jumping — a real obstacle. With five kids and a busy career as an attorney, Brooke looked to her 
workouts as the one hour of the day that she could dedicate to herself but as much as she loved high impact workouts, the incontinence pads that she wore during those workouts made her self conscious and uncomfortable. 
It didn’t take much research for Brooke to realize that she wasn’t the only woman dealing with athletic incontinence: Estimates find that 25 million women — from high school athletes and new mothers to women past their childbearing years — share her problem. That’s one out of every three women who may avoid exercise and its physical and mental health benefits because they are worried about athletic leaks. 
Never one to bow to a challenge, Brooke decided that if the right product to address the issue didn’t yet exist, she’d create one. 
After several trials, Brooke designed a pad that’s not only inconspicuous under form-fitting workout clothes, but is also comfortable and absorbent. While the pads are less bulky than a traditional sanitary napkin, they can hold up to 140ml of urine. She then decided to make the innovative JustGo Pad™, available to all active women as a solution to what can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. 
Since its launch, this groundbreaking product has allowed women all over the country to “just go” on their runs, to their group fitness classes and to CrossFit training without frustration or anxiety. As a result, Solis has heard from grateful women of all ages and stages of life. By opening up the discussion about this issue, Solis has created a community where women not only can find an effective solution, but support and encouragement, as well. 
Raised in the Midwest, Brooke is a self-proclaimed “Type-A personality.” A graduate of Notre Dame, she worked in the financial sector before attending Yale Law School. A practicing attorney, Brooke currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and family. Her company, JustGoGirl, was launched in January 2014.


  1. Thanks for this post! I ordered a sample pack!

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