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It's Time to Talk about Sex After Menopause-#sponsored #itstimetotalkaboutmenopause

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Disclosure: This is a #sponsored post and I was compensated for my time. 

Let's talk about sex, baby.... Not likely if you are a woman who has gone through "THE CHANGE". Sex after menopase has become an off limits topic for many women after menopause. 

Well, I want to tell you  It's Time to Talk about Sex After Menopause!

It's Time to Talk about Sex After Menopause, an important call-to-action issued by the Women's Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to improving women's pelvic health and wellness with support from Shionogi, Inc. aimed at getting women and their doctors to have an earnest conversation about sex after menopause.

Did you know?
*       Although discussions about men's sexual health seem to be common place these days (just look at the number of erectile dysfunction ads on TV), many women (and their physicians) are more reluctant to "go there."
*       Sadly, as you know, if women don't bring up the topic of sex after menopause with their health care professionals, oftentimes, it doesn't get addressed - and women suffer in silence.

It's time for post-menopausal women to take back their sex drive and do something!

Here's a few things you can do to spread the word and let woman know  It's Time to Talk about Sex After Menopause!

The Women's Health Foundation site includes a lot of helpful back ground including several blog posts:

Share this video, featuring menopause experts such as Dr. Susan Kellogg-Spadt, CRNP, PhD and Dr. Lauren Streicher, about the campaign and the importance of talking to your provider about sex after menopause.

Sign up via the crowdspeaking platform Thunderclap and commit to having “the conversation.”

Spread the word via your social media:

Women spend approx. 1/3 of life post-menopause. Should they stop having sex? NO! Help get the conversation going:

 Even your vagina ages - about 32MM women in the U.S. have vulvar and vaginal atrophy,#itstimetotalkaboutmenopause

 Sex is a fundamental part of satisfaction in life and love, even after menopause. Join the

An estimated 6K U.S. women reach menopause every day often resulting in painful sex,#itstimetotalkaboutmenopause

The statistics are alarming! It's time to stop hiding and talk to your health care provider.


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