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It's Time to Talk about Sex After Menopause with Missy Lavender -#sexaftermenopuase #sponsored

Friday, August 8, 2014
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

 It's Time to Talk About Sex After Menopause digital campaign that helps raise awareness of an often-neglected area of women's health.  For men, Viagra is regularly discussed but for women, painful sexafter menopause, and sex as they age is not discussed. Missy’s organization is trying to change that.

"When  it comes to talking about sex after menopause, women and their doctors pull back and are reluctant to have any earnest dialogue about what is really going on," said Missy Lavender, Founder and Executive Director, Women's Health Foundation. "When we compared this silence for women to how men's sexual health is a socially acceptable part of the vernacular today, we realized something needed to be done."

Missy Lavender is the Founder and Executive Director of WHF. Prior to her life as a Pelvic Health Evangelist, she had a long career in real estate finance, development, and investor relations.  Missy is a national speaker on pelvic health and has been featured in numerous press outlets, print, radio, and television.  She is the author of two books, “You Go Girl…But Only When You Want To!”and “You Go Girl…But Only When You Want To! Senior Edition.” Her forthcoming books, “Below Your Belt: A Girl’s Guide To Pelvic Health” and “Riding the Potty Train” will be published in 2014. Missy’s other activities include being on the Board of Personal PAC Board and the Azadi Foundation, and a founding member of First Tuesday, an innovative women’s resource group. Missy is actively involved with her children’s schools, is a member of the Leader Council for Mercy Homes for Boys and Girls, and sings in the choir of her church. A mother of two, Ms. Lavender holds an MBA from the Kellogg School                                                          of Management at Northwestern University.

About the Women's Health Foundation
Women's Health Foundation (WHF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the pelvic health and wellness of women and girls through community-based programs and services, research, and community outreach.  WHF is recognized as the nation's most visible and passionate champion of pelvic wellness issues. Learn more at

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