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Super Mom Giveaway Hop April 26th- May 10

Monday, April 25, 2016
Disclosure: Hosts & participating hop bloggers are not responsible for sponsors or self-sponsoring bloggers that do not fulfill prize obligations.

Mother's Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate your Super Mom than with Super prizes during the Super Mom Giveaway Hop hosted by &

One lucky Super Mom will win the new Elite Serum Rx  with Elite Serum New Packaging worth $89.95. 
Elite Serum Rx is the world's best anti-wrinkle eye cream featuring 8 medical-grade peptides. This innovative Formula contains an exclusively high concentration of the potent age-defying Argireline peptide. This breakthrough product is scientifically designed to target eye wrinkles, dark under eye circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Be a Super Mom and enter to win on the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway is open to US and Canada. High Heels and Hot Flashes is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Prize is sent directly from sponsor. After entering my giveaway, be sure to stop by and enter to win some awesome Super Mom prizes from all the great bloggers listed on the giveaway linky!

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  1. Passing the word along...

  1. Debra Guillen said...:

    I love trying new products. As I have aged, I have been fighting eye wrinkles, dark under eye circles and puffiness around the eyes so I would love to try this product.

  1. Barrie Mac said...:

    So today is my birthday, the last year till I enter another decade and I am so tired of bags and tiny wrinkles around my eyes. I'm working on ME this year and this fits in!

  1. Tomi Clark said...:

    Super Moms need super serum. Thanks for the giveaway

  1. Ken Ohl said...:

    my wife is always saying she wants to try some great eye creme love to get this for her. thankyou, ken

  1. Celesta said...:

    It looks like it would work!

  1. to increase overall smoothness fill in fine lines - I'm 56 -- 'nuff said

  1. janetfaye said...:

    I would like this because it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Melissa Storms said...:

    I would like to win because you can use Elite Serum to target the exact areas you want to.

  1. momo said...:

    I liked reading this about this product; that contains this unique combination of advanced and clinically proven peptides that are designed to reviatlize and rejuvenate lost collagen and fibronectin in the skin.

  1. Rusthawk said...:

    The wrinkles are winning!

  1. Raine Dawson said...:

    Not only does it contain the highest amount of Argirilene, it has all natural seaweed extracts and naturally derived hyaluronic acid help Elite Serum Rx preserve your skin’s natural moisture and collagen. My mom has a high stress job and this fights against that along with aging. It's perfect for her!

  1. PAIGE said...:

    I want to win because I show my stress under my eyes. This product says it can help!

  1. Sue said...:

    sounds like an interesting product. I would love to try it out to see if it works

  1. Edye Nicole said...:

    I want to win because my mom has winkles and could really use this! Thanks for the giveaway :]

  1. It's Me De said...:

    I want to win because I am starting to get eye wrinkles, dark under eye circles and puffiness around the eyes. I know this would he,lp these issues.

  1. slogan1990 said...:

    I love how natural the ingredients are!

  1. andie said...:
    I am getting up in years and should start taking care of my skin so this would be a blessing in a prize.

  1. Rhonda said...:

    If it helps my eyes keep youthful at 49 I'm in! The lines are starting...ugh.

  1. Krystal W. said...:

    I've heard of this before and it says it's works as well as botox.

  1. I need it for dark under eye circles and a few wrinkles.

  1. wigget said...:

    because it's the world's best anti-wrinkle eye cream

  1. hhkaufman78 said...:

    I want to lessen my wrinkles.

  1. Andrea Darst said...:

    The dark circles and puffiness under my eyes just keeps getting worse and the crows feet have started - I need this!

  1. Karla S said...:

    I would love this because I am getting older,and need products that make my look younger!

  1. alona y said...:

    I would love to win this for my mother in law who would love to try it out.

  1. Laura said...:

    I would love to win this to help with the puffiness underneath my eyes!

  1. Julie Smith said...:

    I love that it contains seaweed extract as a base. I'm fortunate enough that at 52, I don't have wrinkles, maybe just the beginnings of some fine lines, but, man! What ages my face is the area directly under my eyes, so being able to get rid of the dark circles and puffiness without any kind of invasive procedure would be a lifesaver. Thanks for the chance to win!

  1. Paol Trenny said...:

    I would love to win this because it is a proven product designed to be non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and hypoallergenic.

  1. Robyn Donnelly said...:

    I want to win because this could do wonders for my aging skin.

  1. truckerofbc said...:

    My wife would love to start anti wrinkle aging her skin

  1. walk9 said...:

    As I get older I feel my skin could use a little help aging as well.

  1. I turned 37 in January and recently I feel like I've started to look 37 too. I am starting to get little wrinkles by my eyes and I don't like it! I'd like to win this so that I can make them go away!

  1. sarah oswald said...:

    I would love to try this since I am in my forties and I am starting to get fine wrinkles so I would love to try this out to see if it would work.

  1. i want to win to reduce my crows feet

  1. I hate walking around with dark eye circles :(

    Also I'm noticing more lines around my eyes.

  1. kdrae said...:

    Unfortunately I NEED this for my poor eyes!! :(

  1. porschepuppy said...:

    Now that I'm older the medical grade peptides would really help.

  1. April Proveaux said...:

    I'd love to see if this takes away my dark circles and puffiness like it claims to do!

  1. Amy Orvin said...:

    I want to win because I want something to help me fight wrinkles.

  1. Jessica Miller said...:

    I have really bad dark under eye circles and makeup barley helps:(

  1. Dark eyes run in my family and it makes me look constantly tired. Would love to win this!!

  1. Meghan B said...:

    I could really use this product!

  1. Emily Benzing said...:

    I would love to win because this product would help target my major stress areas, especially under my eyes. Those are my problem areas!

  1. Christa Lopez said...:

    I would love to try this to help my dark circles and eye wrinkles!

  1. I have heard great things about this product and I would love to try it.

  1. crystalsg said...:

    I haven't heard of this product before but I would love to try it. I have noticed some wrinkles and would like to help with my dark circles.

  1. Nicole Carter said...:

    I want to win because the ingredients looks amazing! They would really help with my beginning wrinkles, ug!

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