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Welcome Guest Blogger Breast Cancer Survivor Mary Vee

Monday, October 24, 2011

 Mary started writing as a stowaway. She didn't dream of becoming a writer. She didn't even like writing stories in school. But one day, after returning home from a mission trip, she decided to share her rewarding experience with a magazine. Her article was published shortly after. A few conferences and articles later Mary wrote her first tween novel and is currently working on a Christian fiction YA book about pirates and adventure. She is a member of ACFW and belongs to the Montana chapter. She loves to take classes to sharpen her skills and network. Mary posts weekly Bible and missionary stories on her blog, God Loves Kids. She also posts twice a month on The Writer’s Alleywrites book reviews, articles,and taps away at her novel. 

Mary Vee: My Story  

Cancer has visited my door twice.

I didn’t appreciate either visit-

BUT what I learned from God, who stood by my side when that unwelcomed visitor barged into my life, may help you if such an unwelcomed visitor invades your life.

Family blessings: God gave me an awesome husband who went with me to the see doctor, the specialist, and the surgeon who performed the biopsy. Each medical provider said, “It’s probably not cancer,” but testing proved otherwise. He sat in the waiting rooms during my surgeries, radiation and follow-up visits that ended with an all is well--end of story—I thought.

Five years later, that gem of a man went with me to the checkup, where we learned cancer came back for another visit. He sat by my side as the doctor told his news, the specialist who confirmed the news, the waiting room, (ten hours!) while surgeons did their work, and the chemo sessions. He held me during my most difficult time: when I lost my hair. WOW what a guy.

God gave me cool kids who prayed for me during family devotions each night. They helped with laundry, dishes, dusting, sweeping, taking out trash, and didn’t fuss when I couldn’t sit at the table for meals. They even ate the fourteenth lasagna in two weeks brought by loving saints from our church, (my son hates cheese—it was a real sacrifice on his part). They blessed me so.

Thank you, God for the family you gave me.

Doctor blessings: God gave me kind medical providers who knew how to explain every step using directions for dummies. The surgeon also said the surgery should take place soon.

However, months before the first surgery, we had booked our first-ever family vacation. My husband wanted to cancel the trip. “Your health is too important.” I prayed, “Please, God, let us go, it would be a great opportunity for our children.” I asked the surgeon if a vacation delay would jeopardize the results. He ummmed and thought; he looked at my face and said, “I think the trip would be a good idea.” Yeah! We had a great vacation. One week later, I had my surgery.

Thank you, God, for the understanding doctors you gave me.

Church blessings: My family loves helping others in our church. We bring meals, watch kids, take out trash, and help behind the scenes whenever possible. But when cancer visited my door I didn’t want people to come help me take out my trash, watch my kids, bring meals, and wash my dishes. I cried. I wanted to do my own work, take care of my own family. My heart ached when others did it for me. I cried and sobbed.

Then God did something for me. He gave me a special hug and whispered: how can others learn to serve unless there is someone to serve? Look at the blessings you’ve received by helping others--don’t take this blessing from them. He was right. So, I cried again—but for a different reason. I had been selfish. I’m sorry, God.

At times my white count dipped dangerously low. Seeing I had been too stubborn to stay home from church, my pastor announced: “Let’s find a way to greet each other without physically touching, today.” The people laughed as they discovered inventive ways to greet each other. It turned out to be quite fun. (I think God thought we all looked funny, too )

Thank you, God for the church you gave me.

Friend blessings: One Sunday, a man from church asked me, “How does it feel to have chemo?” His voice showed a genuine interest. I appreciated his question and his desire to listen for more than one minute to my answer. He didn’t say the usual lines, “hope you feel better, sorry you’re going through this,” or give me Bible verses written on a card. He simply listened and asked heart felt questions. That was nice.

My sister, who is my best friend, came to my house and helped me walk a little further each day while I recuperated. She made me laughed—and walk further (older sister!)

God drew other friends close to me who, unlike Job’s friends, helped me through this difficult time with their encouragement.

Thank you, God, for the friends you gave me.

The Rest of the Story: God healed my body.

…AND my newest blessing is you.

I guess the biggest lesson God taught me was: Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He SHALL direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5,6


  1. Casey said...:

    I love you Mary!!

    And because you might have suffered and walked this pathway twice, God has given you eyes to see the hurt in others and reach out to them. I'm SO glad God's plans are not our plans. I love sharing this journey with you. :)

  1. brenda said...:

    You are indeed blessed ad a tower of strength.

  1. Mary Vee said...:

    Thank you Casey and Brenda. :)

  1. Sarah Forgrave said...:

    What an awesome story, Mary. God does indeed use our pain to bless others. I love how you had that revelation when your church family wanted to help you. So powerful.

  1. You really are Blessed and those of us who arent really are glad for those who are. My husbands stage4 cancer diagnosis brought only squabbling from his older kids about what they would get in the will and no one even came to visit him,three churches jnow about what he goes through but not one of them even though his family is from the area and is known by the town,no one has reached out to him in anyway, it hurts when you have been there for others all your life in their need and find its not there whenits your turn. You really need to count yourself lucky. happy for you!

  1. Mary Vee said...:

    I am so sorry for the hardship you and you husband bare. You do not walk alone, sister. Seeing the blessings of God can be so very hard when pain and rejection stand in your way. If you see this comment, please email me. I am reaching out to be an encourager to you.
    I say with all sincerity, please email me.

  1. Mary, I loved your post. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

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